Tending the Soul with Healing Ritual

A beautiful guide for developing your personal healing ritual practice.

Written by Gay Wolff

Yes, I am writing a review of my own book, but who better to know the depth and breadth of it’s content. However, instead of touting it’s benefits (which you must judge for yourself), let me tell you why I wrote it, which in turn will demonstrate its unique content.

Tending the Soul with Healing Ritual
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I was raised in a spiritual family, and even after going on an extended journey that wove through natural health and the diverse mind-body-spirit realm, including studies in Ayurveda, meditation, hypnosis, mythology, depth psychology, subtle energy, and shamanism, my wisdom journey focus has never veered from a spiritual core. Over time, the significance of the body-mind-soul synergy that is active during Healing Rituals became a focus in my work, and I have been teaching and guiding groups and individuals in utilizing Healing Ritual as an important part of their personal practice. After having wonderful experiences, students often asked me for suggested reading to follow-up our work.

For years I searched for a guidebook that taught the body-psyche-soul connection of ritual without limiting the work to a specific cultural or religious niche. Unfortunately, the best I could find at the time were books that offered a short menu of beautiful rituals, but without any real meat as to what working with ritual was all about, or how to do it effectively.

In the end, even though I had other projects I wanted to take on, I wrote this how-to book on working with Healing Ritual because I wanted there to be a great resource that offered readers deeper insights and a wide variety of user friendly and adaptable rituals, yet with easy-to-follow instructions. While I do not suggest this book is the last word or the only word in Healing Ritual, I do believe it is an essential resource for beginning or deepening a personal ritual practice.

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