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Shelter Health: Home & Body

Ways to help your home and body be more virus resistant. We are in a weird sort of stress right now–like waiting for a tempest to hit. We’ve been told it’s coming, but for most, it hasn’t hit our shores full force yet. It… Continue Reading “Shelter Health: Home & Body”

The Five Little Books with a Lot of Heart

If you are a reader, it can be wonderful to dive headlong into some profound and philosophical tome or to sink snugly into a deep and meandering novel. Yet, I still find that sometimes the best insights can come from small books with soulful… Continue Reading “The Five Little Books with a Lot of Heart”

Life Enhancing Supplements: What do I need?

A few suggestions about finding out which supplements you need.

Jung & Shamanism

Jung and Shamanism in Dialogue: Retrieving the Soul / Retrieving the Sacred by C. Michael Smith This is not a new book, but it is an important book if you are a student of shamanism and the psyche. If you are interested in the cross-section… Continue Reading “Jung & Shamanism”

A Clearing Ritual—Making Space Sacred:

After writing the blog on smudging, we felt it was important to give newcomers an introduction to the smudging process . This is a basic, but effective process that can be adapted to your setting, intention, and personal tastes. Click Here to go back… Continue Reading “A Clearing Ritual—Making Space Sacred:”

Holistic Psychiatry

Holistic Psychiatry comes to Atlanta! Sage Cottage is not generally in the business of reviewing businesses, but we do like to make you aware of services and practitioners whom we know and believe to be exceptional. Psychiatrist Naveen Thomas is a long time friend… Continue Reading “Holistic Psychiatry”

Beauty & Heart with Mantra Bracelets

These mantra bracelets by Dharma Crafts are some of my favorite jewelry because they are both beautiful and symbolic. I bought my first Bodhisattva Bracelet many years ago and love the way it’s beauty feels infused with heart. More than just a passive inscription,… Continue Reading “Beauty & Heart with Mantra Bracelets”