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Shelter Health: Home & Body

Ways to help your home and body be more virus resistant. We are in a weird sort of stress right now–like waiting for a tempest to hit. We’ve been told it’s coming, but for most, it hasn’t hit our shores full force yet. It… Continue Reading “Shelter Health: Home & Body”

The Five Little Books with a Lot of Heart

If you are a reader, it can be wonderful to dive headlong into some profound and philosophical tome or to sink snugly into a deep and meandering novel. Yet, I still find that sometimes the best insights can come from small books with soulful… Continue Reading “The Five Little Books with a Lot of Heart”

Life Enhancing Supplements: What do I need?

A few suggestions about finding out which supplements you need.

Jung & Shamanism

Jung and Shamanism in Dialogue: Retrieving the Soul / Retrieving the Sacred by C. Michael Smith This is not a new book, but it is an important book if you are a student of shamanism and the psyche. If you are interested in the cross-section… Continue Reading “Jung & Shamanism”

A Clearing Ritual—Making Space Sacred:

After writing the blog on smudging, we felt it was important to give newcomers an introduction to the smudging process . This is a basic, but effective process that can be adapted to your setting, intention, and personal tastes. Click Here to go back… Continue Reading “A Clearing Ritual—Making Space Sacred:”

Beauty & Heart with Mantra Bracelets

These mantra bracelets by Dharma Crafts are some of my favorite jewelry because they are both beautiful and symbolic. I bought my first Bodhisattva Bracelet many years ago and love the way it’s beauty feels infused with heart. More than just a passive inscription,… Continue Reading “Beauty & Heart with Mantra Bracelets”